Easter traditions

Easter eggs

We have a tradition in our house of decorating eggs for Easter. And when I say tradition, I mean a very new tradition that we started three years ago - all traditions needs to start somewhere right? 


Our daughter is five, and she has a problem with sitting still, so decorating eggs with her was a bit ambitious. But I remember doing it as a kid, and it was great fun so I decided to try. I had six eggs in the fridge, and googled "how to empty an egg" and learned that you make a little hole (with a thick needle) in the round end of the egg, and a slightly larger hole in the pointy end. Then you stir a bit inside the egg, and blow the content out - through the big hole. Sounds easy, you say? That's what I thought too, and although I managed not to crush any of the eggs, my cheeks got so sore from blowing, and I was freaking out about getting raw egg in my mouth and dying from salmonella poisoning. But I survived, and had six perfect empty little eggshells to show for it. 

Don't throw the eggs

Our daughter was very excited about decorating them, and she now knows they break easily if you throw them on the floor (she found out the hard way), but we managed to decorate most of them. She was surprisingly enthusiastic, and absolutely loved seeing the final result hanging from the twigs brought in especially for the project. 

So, a new tradition is born, and I think next year it will be even more fun, for both of us.