A World In A Drop

Sometimes it is good to just let things happen. To not control everything, and let go a little, just to see what is happening.

I have been doing that quite a lot lately when I am watercolour doodling. I make a blob of water, and then I add the paint and let it go where it wants, then I add another colour and see where that goes. I then – usually – end up with some amazing little blobs of colour that has so much narrative in them. Landscapes, galaxies, eyes. Small worlds living their own lives, not bound by any other rule than the physics of water. But for me, since I know nothing about the physics of water, I decide to think of it as magic! Because who doesn’t need a little magic in their lives? I know I sure do. And the ability to see something else in something, to see something specific in something abstract, is wonderful. When you see a landscape in a small blob of watercolour paint, what can’t you see in other things. Everything can be imagined into something else if you just allow your brain to do it. Kids are great at it. Give them an empty box, and it is anything from a space ship, to a car, to a castle. We have all been able to do this at some point. Why do we lose that ability? Why do we have to be and think like everybody else?

I am going to keep doodling my little magical worlds, and perhaps they will lead me to reimagine something else, and then something else…