What does spirituality even mean? And being spiritual?

For the longest time, I had no clue. I thought you had to be a hippie, far out there, high or just plain weird to have anything to do with spirituality. But I have gotten wiser. After losing myself and hitting rock bottom, I came to realise that it is all about being in the moment, connecting with your own feelings, and listening to that little voice inside that we call intuition. I believe women have the gift of intuition given to us at birth (and some men might too), but we are taught that it is only facts, proof and science that are valid. What we sense and feel is being looked down upon as something less important.

I know now for a fact that is it not true. I know I can use my spirituality, intuition and feelings to improve myself, and the world around me. I know I have the power within me to change my life, my situation, and the life of others that depend on me. I know that my thoughts are connected to my feelings, which are connected to my physical body, which again is connected to my thoughts. I know now that you can’t unplug one part and think that the others will function perfectly. It is all connected, whether we want to or not.

So, sit down, listen, feel, be still, be quiet, be kind to yourself, connect. And change the world.