The swing of things

I have had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things after my summer vacation. We had a lovely time, but I didn't feel properly rested when I got back. And to top it off I had to hit the ground running at work, with a super busy schedule which hasn't slowed down at all since I got back.

I started off by having a big shoot to plan, execute and finalize in the first week. A job that is fun, but also super draining.

So if course I got sick the next week, nothing serious, just a cold with headache and a sore throat, but not a great way to get on top of things. Then one of our cats got sick, and had to be put down, and then my daughter got sick too, luckily only with a fever, but she was properly out of it for two days.

And having two weeks with chaos does nothing good for my schedule. Things get pushed in front to be dealt with later, and in the end I have so much stuff in front of me that I have no idea where to begin.

I don't like being in this situation. I like routine and predictability, not chaos and turmoil. I like having lists and to be able to sit down and just get the work done. All the running around is what gets me. I am terrible at multitasking (as most people are, regardless of what they write in their CV's!) and I need structure and time to get my head around my tasks.

Things are slowing down for me, and I can see my schedule easing up the next little while. In the meantime I am keeping my head above water, and taking all the breaks and breathers I can find. And I hug my daughter a lot. Nothing beats being stressed better than a bear hug from her.



Gearing down for summer

At this time of year I am allowing myself to sit and do nothing for long periods of time, except perhaps for sipping a glass of rosé. Mid year, like end of year, is a time for contemplation and taking stock of what I have done and what I will be doing, making plans and adjustments, enjoying the long evenings and quiet time with family and friends. And vacation too! Nothing too stressful or rushed, just enjoying the weather, my balcony garden and the before mentioned rosé.