Life happens

Today’s blogpost has been written in approximately 10 minutes, plus minus.


I had planned to talk about my sustainability challenge, and how it is shaping up so far, but then life happened. Kiddo got sick, loads of work, stress, you know the drill. So instead of a thought through article about sustainability, I give you foxes.

Get the look

Foxes, you say? Yes, my husband’s job is within IT, but he also has a knack for writing and telling stories. He has – finally – written down one of the stories he has been telling our daughter, and we want to make it into a book. So now I am drawing foxes, and trying to find a look that fits with the words. And illustrating a book is challenging in and of itself; illustrating something your husband has written, even more so! He is not an easy client… But I am off to a good start, the look has been approved by our five-year old, so I’m confident!