While I wait for a garden

I don’t have a garden – yet. It is on my wish list, but I just need to find the right one, which is not easy. But it isn’t all bad! What I do have is two balconies. And they are even quite big. One north facing and one south facing one. On the south facing balcony we have a long narrow piece on the outside of the building, which can’t really be used for much.


You can’t sit there, so most people just use it for storage. We haven’t really used it for anything, until I got a brilliant idea: what about putting a vertical garden there? I instantly googled how-to, and found a very nice tutorial on how to build a box system in layers. We modified the design slightly, because we didn't want to risk the boxes going over the edge when it is windy (we live on the 6th floor).

My father-in-law was visiting, so he and my husband were sent out for supplies, while I was chilling with our daughter.


The build was pretty easy (probably since I didn't have to do it myself!), so the next step was the paint job. I wanted to use sustainable paint, so I did some research again, and found out that linseed oil paint is a 100% natural alternative, mixed with natural pigments. We picked a lovely lavender colour, and then the biggest part of the project started. Linseed oil paint needs to be applied in very thin layers, otherwise it takes forever to dry, and even in very thin layers it takes forever to dry! After a few nights though, it had been painted twice and was just about ready. 


We assembled everything, I went to the nursery for some soil, and all the boxes were filled with a mix of seeds from vegetables and wild flowers: our five year old daughter was in charge of what was going into the boxes. So now we are waiting for everything to pop out of the soil, and to see how wild it gets when everything is in full bloom.