Sustainable Me

Do you want to make a difference? For the planet, for the people around you, for yourself? Or all of the above? 

What can you do?

I do, and I have been thinking a lot lately about what I can really do. What difference can I as an individual make? When you look at the state of things in the news it is easy to feel disheartened, to feel helpless. But then when you look closer there are so many people fighting for what is good, for the environment, for the voiceless, for the better. And it is possible. Good is possible. It might not be easy, it might not be quick, it might not seem like much, but if we all do small things every day, we will create ripples that will spread and spread, touching more and more lives as it goes. 

The challenge

So I have decided to challenge myself. I want to try to live sustainably for the entire year. I don't think I have any idea of how hard this endeavour will be. It will touch on every aspect of my life, and the life of my family. We mostly buy only organic food already, so that won't be such a big change, but what about other things like kitchenware? Clothes? Make up? Art supplies, books, shoes, toys, plants, cleaning supplies, petrol for our car? What if we need a new sofa? Or a new computer? We need to rethink our buying habits. I can't just pop down to the mall and buy a strainer. I need to make sure it is sustainably sourced and has longevity. I can't just pop by my favourite clothes shop on my way home from work and treat myself. Or buy pay per weight Friday sweets for my daughter. 

But that might not be a bad idea. Surely having to think twice about a purchase will make it easier not to buy it. Because I do buy a lot of things I don't need. Sometimes I treat myself to something I already have two of in my wardrobe, just because it feels good. And in the end, who pays for that?  

What does it mean?

But also, what does sustainable even mean? Organic only? Does second hand count? Or something non sustainably made, but in high quality that will last me a long time? I actually have no idea, but I will give it a go. A lot of time and research on the internet will most likely make me a lot more informed. And hopefully at the end of 2018 sustainability won't seem like such a big challenge, but be a natural part of our lives.  

Share your resources

If you have any resources to share I would highly appreciate it, either here in the comments or on Instagram. Hit me up with your favourite articles, shops, brands, you name it, that makes a difference for the environment. Let's make some ripples!